Komar Pikar Foundation

Komar Pikar Foundation

Komar Pikar Foundation (KPF, or the Foundation for Disabled Children) is a Cambodian non-government organization, passionate about the well being of children and young people with moderate and severe disabilities and their families.

KPF was launched in 2007 by a group of committed and experienced individuals, keen to respond to the desperate needs of children with moderate and severe disabilities in Cambodia.  Many of the staff and supporters of KPF have been working with children with disabilities and their families for many years.

KPF is governed by a Board of Directors with extensive experience in disability and development work in Cambodia.

There are five members on the KPF Board of Directors; Mr Il Oeur, Executive Director of the Analyzing Development Issues Center, Ms Ngoun Sophak Kanika, Social Work lecturer at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Ms Kham Sotheavy, Finance Manager at Artisan Association Cambodia, Ms Keo Kaneka, Project Coordinator at Oxfam GB and Mr Kham Synguon, Deputy Executive Director of NGO Forum. Three members also have first hand experience of living with a disability.

Our Team

Chetra, Moving Forwardweb8

Kong Vichetra, Executive Director of KPF, has dedicated the past fifteen years of his life to working for more inclusive communities for people with disabilities.

‘I am a person with disability so I know what difficulties and challenges are faced by persons with disability’ Chetra explains.

‘There are still limited services and support for children and youth with moderate to severe disabilities and their rights have not been promoted.  But I feel positive about the new developments of KPF and hope with our committed and dedicated staff, we will keep moving forward, so the situation of people with disabilities in Cambodia will improve.’

web9Savath, Making Opportunities Happen

Soeun Savath, Program Manager at KPF, has many years experience in program of non-government organizations in Cambodia.

‘I’m committed to working with KPF because I want to see children and youth with moderate to severe disabilities get an education and life skills like other children and their families have the opportunity to improve their livelihoods.’




Vimean, Sharing Skillsweb10

Bot Vimean, Project Supervisor at KPF, is a physiotherapist with a passion for passing on his skills.

‘I decided to work with KPF because I wanted to help children with intellectual disabilities in Cambodia. There are not many organizations working with them, so I wanted to pass on my experience to parents of children with disabilities and KPF staff.’




web11Sopha, Step by Step

Voun Sopha, trainer in rural Kampot province, has worked with children with disabilities and their families for more than a five years.

‘Children with disabilities are not valued by society here and they face discrimination.  Their rights are not recognized and their families are often very poor.

I have made a commitment to help and step by step it’s improving. What I want in the future is for children with disabilities to live with everyone else with no barriers, no discrimination, and with everything accessible for them.’


Samphouse, Agents of Changeweb12

When Samphouse graduated from her university degree in psychology, she made a commitment to using her skills to make a difference.  Moving out of the city to work in a rural village far from home, Kunthea helped establish one of KPF’s Day Centers for children with significant disabilities and their families.

‘I can’t help the whole of Cambodia but I can help in this one area of Kampot.  When a child with a disability comes to KPF, it means their parents can go to work, and it helps the family.  So I feel like I am one agent of change for society.  Before, these children stayed at home with no opportunities to access services or go to school. But now I can apply my knowledge at KPF, and I can help society to help these children.

When we start to teach the children every day, they can learn to do things, they change so much. I’m so happy to be able to change the situation of these children.’


13152820_1611958009130949_504583707_nSreynak, Fighting Discrimination

Hun Sreynak has high hopes for the future for the young women and men she just works with at KPF in 2016. As a person with a disability herself, she has been the victim of discrimination in the past.

‘The thing I like most about my job is getting to work with these children and young people and their families, but I also enjoying making others in the wider community understand he importance of respecting the rights of people with disabilities.’





From our patron, Helen Pitt

e36dd83eb3The Komar Pikar Foundation (KPF) is a national organization which is seeking to improve the quality of life of many young Cambodians who are not able to enjoy the life styles of their non-disabled friends. We are all aware of the need for support and specialized services for thousands of young persons with a disability in Cambodia.

Over the past ten years significant progress has been made in many areas relating to disability, but children and youth with moderate to severe disabilities and their families are still among the most vulnerable in Cambodia. Therefore long-term and sustained efforts are needed, to enable these young people and their families to be able to have, at least, a life that is more secure and similar to other community members.

It is with gratitude and humility that I find myself a patron of KPF. I have worked in Cambodia for many years and acknowledge the deep commitment and concern of all who are connected with the organization. May we all have the energy to keep on working ‘to make positive changes.’

From the Chair of our Board, Mr Oeur Il

a99e19d982My interest in the disability sector and KPF stemmed from my initial involvement in the work of one of the projects of NCDP (National Center of Disabled People) since 2002 in providing program advice as well as technical support. It has been both a rewarding and challenging experience. While this is true for any development work, the way forward for disability is promising as the Law on Persons with Disabilities was adopted, and international frameworks provide a strong foundation for current and future work as well as collaboration in the disability sector.

‘Working on the Board for KPF for about a year now, I have been deeply impressed by the accomplishments and the conviction of the KPF leader and staff.  I am interested to see KPF flourish for the benefit of the disabled people in Cambodia. It is a privilege to take part in the work of KPF, especially to provide support on program direction and organizational development for better governance and accountability, as this is an important issue being promoted within the NGO sector.’

Our donors

We are grateful for the support of the following groups:

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