Komar Pikar Foundation

Your gift will make a difference

We are grateful to have received short term funding from groups including AusAID and Australian Red Cross, allowing us to establish several exciting new programs.  Yet we are dependent upon public support to continue and expand on these programs, reaching more children and their families across Cambodia.

Your donation will ensure we can continue to help Cambodian children and youth with disabilities to live dignified lives in inclusive communities.

  • US$10 – will pay for one child’s travel subsidy for a month, helping their parents cover the cost of traveling between home and the Day Centre.
  • US$30 – will pay for a nutritious lunch each day for one child with a disability, for one month.
  • US$135 – will cover the salary for one KPF teacher, for one month.
  • US$300 – will pay for a year’s supply of therapy aids and toys, for a classroom for children with disabilities.
  • US$500 – will provide one Parent Group with a ‘start-up grant’ to establish an income generation project.
  • US$500 – will allow KPF to build a playground for children with and without disabilities to enjoy in a rural school.

3b629c25daPlease note that if these items are already fully funded when your gift arrives, we will allocate your gift to another item that fulfills a similar purpose.

KPF is committed to ensuring that your gift will get to those who most need it. To ensure the highest standards of financial accountability and transparency, KPF’s finances are audited externally every year.  KPF is in the process of obtaining voluntary certification under the Non-Government Organization Governance & Professional Practice system, centered on compliance with a Code of Ethical Principles and Minimum Standards for NGOs in Cambodia.